Jes Struck

Spelling, yeah im working on it!

April 1, 2019

Yeah I know, spelling is NOT one of my strong sides, so what do I do when I have so much on my mind that I want to share with you. And knowing that one of the most important things when writing, is for the writer to annoy the reader as little as possible. I have therefore been looking for a great tool to assist me in my writing journey. And I think I found it, because, today I was introduced to Grammaly.

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Hosting a Hugo site on S3 using Cloudfront

March 13, 2019

So roughly a month ago, I switched from running this blog, using Jekyll, to using Hugo as the sites, static page generator. This has given me some headache, I will amid, I must stress out that I simply love working with Hugo. But since the old site used Jekyll I hosted that on GitHub using the GitHub pages, which pretty much gives you everything you need hosting a static site. Like HTTPS etc.

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DevOps Hacking

Maintaining a Private PIP Repository

September 30, 2018

This is highly usable in setup’s where you have computers that do not have direct access to the internet and. You have to options, depending on what access and rights you have to solve this. Using a Proxy server option 1. is the most obvious, simply setting up a cache server (Nexus or Nginx) somewhere in you’re organizations, the restricted computers can access. I did this with Neuxs, creating a Proxy repository, called pypi-proxy, setting the “Proxy” -> “Remote storage” to https://pypi.

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