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Jes Struck is working as a DevOps consultant in the greater Copenhagen, with a lifelong passion for automation and scripting work. You can contact him on Linkedin and Twitter or see more of how we work with DevOps at Efio.dk

Made on Falster


I grew up on Falster (Southeast of Denmark). In school I struggle, I never really understood the premise of school, the same applied to my time in college, I only had one interest and that was rowing, from I was 15 and till I became 30 I spend as much time as an active rower and during that time I have been part of the national squad.

Rowing was my single passion until the age of 23, where I discovered programming, yeah that was late, I had dabbled a bit with HTML and web programming, but I never really peaked my interest until I started studying as a Datamatikker (AP Graduate, Computer Science) where I really was shown the strength of programming and what that you can achieve with this craft.

After studying I was hired by Praqma as a Junior programmer, but quite fast I found an interest in Automation, and Pipelines, it all started with Jenkins or actually at that time (2009) it was still called Hudson, at this time my focus on automation was still much around the build and verification process, later I saw they light like so many other in IaC (Infrastructure-as-Code).

In 2016 I started in a position as Release Manager @ TIA Technology after my first year I changed focus and became the technical lead on their newly formed DevOps team